PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a semi-crystalline high-performance thermoplastic with high mechanical and chemical resistance even at high temperatures (long-term service temperatures of up to +260°)

PEEK is characterized by:

  • Good impact strength at low temperatures
  • Very low tendency to creep
  • Good sliding properties
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Excellent tribological properties
  • Good wear resistance
  • Self-extinguishing properties

PEEK is also available filled with:

  • Glass fiber: for increased mechanical and chemical resistance, excellent dimensional stability
  • Carbon fiber: for superior resistance to abrasion and higher mechanical properties
  • PTFE: for excellent sliding properties and chemical resistance

Due to their characteristics, PEEK is suitable even for demanding situations.

PEEK is available in compliance with the European Regulation EC 10/2011 and amendments and in accordance with the FDA.

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